Sailing to Islay Whisky Festival

Sailing to Islay Whisky Festival

May 26 to June 3, 2018

9-day whiskey ice cream to Islay whiskey festival: Paradise for the whiskey lover.
Once a year, Islay stands out for whiskey and music in the last week of May.
You visit the largest whiskey producing island of Scotland with now 9 distilleries.

A large part of Islay consists of turf exposed to the elements: wind, rain and sea water of the Atlantic Ocean.
The peat is burned to mash the barley and gives the single malt here their salty seaweed flavor. We visit the most famous Whiskey distilleries. It becomes an energetic whiskey in Scotland through a fantastic area. Link:

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Boats: Oban May 26th from 18.00 
Ships: Oban June 3 around 10.00

Our double cabins are classified in 2 categories, as they are different in size. All cabins have their own shower and toilet witha patio. Prices are per person.

Standard cabin …………. € 1185, –
Standard plus ………… € 1285, –
Single surcharge …. € 550, –


  • Full board with breakfast twice on land at your own expense
  • Based on private shower and toilet, including bed linen and towels
  • Crew consisting of: Captain-Stuurman-Kok.
  • Use zodiac for landings.
    Bus on Islay for transport to distilleries
    1 x Whiskey tasting on board.

Not included:

  • Arrival and departure to the ship
  • Exclusive drinks
  • Any additional entree fees and drinks.

We sail with an international boarding company on board. The crew is Dutch and speaks English and German. Our guests come from the Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Germany and Austria.

For questions, call Klaas: 06 53231627

Possible travel schedule:

The indicated program is a guide and can be adjusted under the influence of weather, flow and wind. Flexibility is a rule on this trip.

Day 1: Oban

Whiskyreis to Islay begins in Oban, a cozy fishing village located in a beautiful bay.
From 18:00 you will be welcomed on board and will meet the crew and your fellow passengers. Following is a welcome dinner with a small Whiskey Tastard and we raise the glass on a beautiful trip. If you are on Sunday, you can also visit the Oban Whiskey Distillery.

Islay whisky festival
Bay off Oban

Day 2: Islay (Saturday) 
Very early we go to Islay on our way. On the way there is a rich breakfast. We sail a truly beautiful route where you look at your eyes. Ever heard of the corryvreckan whirlpool we sailed right there. Ardbeg has released a whiskey named after this: Named for the dark forces of the vortex near the island of Jura. You clearly recognize the distinctive peat and smoked flavor of the Ardbegin whiskey. After a very nice trip we get off at Port Ellen Islay, next to our bus to Bruichladdich where everyone can enjoy all the activities and tastes of the excellent whiskeys.

Day 3: Caol-ila
Today it’s going early with the ship to Caol-ila. Caol-ila has its own scaffold and we lakes here. It is very special to go straight from the ship to the Distillery grounds.

Day 4: Laphroaig
We sail (sail if possible) to Laphroaig distillery. We anchor very briefly and with the zodiak everyone is landed. At the end of the day it goes to Port Ellen.

Day 5: Bowmore open day.
The Flying Dutchman stays in Port Ellen and anyone who wants to go to Bowmore is taken to visit the open day. There is also a small music festival. Around 4 hours we sail to Jura. The next day a very beautiful program will be presented.
The island is a paradise of pristine wilderness and natural beauty, 6000 deer surpassing the human population of 180.

Day 6: Jurassic 
Today it goes to the open day of the Isle Off Jura distillery. This is so remote that visitors should take a lot of effort to get there.The island of Jura is a paradise of pristine wilderness and natural beauty. The name Jura comes from Norwegian and means ‘Deer Island’, still an appropriate name because some 5,500 deer exceed the human population of 180. Wild nature lovers can find more than 100 species of birds, including rock eagles, goats, seals, rabbits, hares, reindeer and otters.

Day 7: Bunnahabhain 
Today, Bunnahabhain is going to be beautiful and distant distillery has a special look and plenty of beautiful whiskeys. At the end of the day we sail to Ardbeg and go in front or the Distillery for Anker. It’s a great opportunity to have a whiskey tasting on board after a good meal.

Day 8: Ardbeg and back to Oban. 
The next morning we can relate it. The one who wants to win an Islay festival bottle can put us early on. Around 2 hours, a wonderful sailing trip will take you back to Oban. From the Flying Dutchman we can enjoy the pristine wild nature of the islands and the Scottish West Coast. The rugged beauty of Jura, the silence on the water, the indescribable views, the whimsical coast with surprising bays and quiet fishing villages.

Day 9: Oban 
Islay festival and discover the Hebrides, it was a wonderful journey through Scotland. After a very big breakfast, it’s time to say goodbye.